Photo Album

Here is a photo album of crafts I've completed, projects I want to do, things I've baked, and images that inspire me.

I love bento boxes. 

I just think these cupcakes are adorable.

How cute are these cupcakes? I would love to know how these are made...


Baby shower of my friend Jen. I love the owls that Faith made here. 

An owl pin that Faith made, displayed in her hair at the same baby shower.

A baby shower "cake" of washcloths and bows.

A handmade bookmark and decorated sugar cookies were the party favors. Adorable!

My friend Jen made this awesome card for me. She is a card-making genius!

I made these during my "owl" phase in early February.

I considered making this into a bookmark.

I made this in 2006, I think. I was really into embroidery.

Banana bread made during the snowstorm of '11. Also consumed during the snowstorm of '11.

Tulips at the town square in Fayetteville, March 2011.

My first sprinkled donut in 10 years, from Rick's Bakery in Fayetteville. It was ahh-mazing.

Coconut Peeps Layer Cake I made for Easter.

Triple-Chocolate Brownies I made for a community group using devil's food cake mix.

More banana nut bread, made last year for community group.

These ended up on a headband that I wore for Valentine's Day with my husband :)

Pretty decent spinach quiche.