Friday, October 1, 2010


It's October! Yay!

John got off work early today, so we ran a few errands around Farmington and Prairie Grove. Then John surprised me with a stop at the local RV place. Why? Because it's cool! We even saw one that, with a bit of adjustment, can fit a car directly into the living room!

Some concerns with purchasing an RV:
1. Could we afford to drive further than 10 miles a year? Gas is expensive, people.
2. Would you (friends and family) allow us to park a gigantic RV in your front yard when we come to visit?
3. Smallest. Showers. Ever.
4. Would we automatically be subscribed to AARP upon purchase of this "retirement home on wheels"?
5. Could I install about thirteen extra bookshelves? I'll need something to read while John drives.

In other news, I made a root tree for my classroom today. I'm quite pleased with the results, especially since it's my first foray into grammatical agriculture. I'm a linguistic arborist!

If you look closely, each branch is a root word. The leaves are examples of the root word in everyday language. We'll add leaves throughout the year! So far, we have branches for:

"man" - hand
"cred" - believe
"aud" - hear, listen
"graph" - write
"dict" - speak
"ped" - foot
"loc" - place
"act" - do, respond
"mot" - move, shift

Here are some things I'd like to accomplish this month:
1. Have coffee with at least four friends, catching up on everything that's happened in the last few months.
2. Get out the sewing machine and start working on Christmas presents - scarves, purses, pillows, etc.
3. Cook with butternut squash, acorn squash, and pumpkin. Not all at once, of course. That'd be a bit of a carb overload. I'd like to try to make roasted pumpkin soup, or maybe pumpkin muffins.
4. Go on a bike ride every week. It's going to be cold soon, so I need to take advantage of the crisp fall weather while I can.
5. Teach my students what an introductory phrase can do to a sentence. In all reality, it's a life-changer in the world of writing. 
6. Stay on budget. We've done quite well the last few months, thanks to my husband's fantastic finance skills, but I want to make sure we stay on track. 

That's all.

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  1. i want coffee, i need to sew, i want to learn about introductory phrases so i can teach my students, and i have to cook something with pumpkin..............

    christen :)


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