Monday, June 13, 2011

AWBU and ONSC - Blogging in the Wilderness

This weekend I had the opportunity to experience AWBU - Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged - at the Ozark Natural Science Center in Hunstville, AR. It was sooooo helpful, and I made a lot of new friends. Below is a list of a few of the awesome women I met at the conference, along with links to their blogs. I'll be posting more later, so check them out!

Mindless Wanderings
Eggs and Herbs
The Brokins
NWA Foodie
The Busy Nothings
For Love of Geek

Here are some pictures of the conference. Seriously, it was an amazingly relaxing, uplifting, encouraging weekend. I can't wait for next year!

Elmer's Glue sponsored craft night for all the AWBU bloggers! It was FANTASTIC!!!

glue, tape, tri-fold foam boards, scissors, paint markers, gel pens....

The Ozark Natural Science Center's porch, with an incredible view...

the path back to the ONSC main building and outdoor classroom

I loved this sign.

ONSC in the morning
a random wildflower

an on-site beehive


And thanks SO much to the sponsors!!!

Collective Bias - some of the sweetest ladies I've ever met
SC Johnson - they brought Off! Botanicals and all kinds of other goodies
H.J. Heinz - adorable travel-size ketchup bottles
MurphyUSA - gas cards, water bottles, pedometers, and more
Field Notes Brand - super-cute journals
Petit Jean Meats - yummy breakfast bacon
NWA Motherlode - M&M's and awesome advice for moms and non-moms alike
Elmer's Glue - oh my gosh, they provided craft night and we got to take all the supplies home!
Ghirardelli Chocolate - 'nuff said.


  1. Your photos are pretty amazing, as are you!

  2. It was awesome meeting you!!! Love your shots and your sweetness. Hope to see you again soon and I'll make sure to refer moms to you if their kiddos need tutoring.

  3. Kelly, you are a DOLL!! You have a special voice and an unique style that makes you an incredible story teller.

    I am really looking forward to continue reading your blog and can't wait to tap into your foodie knowledge about Fayetteville! :)

    Your new friend,


    aka: nwafoodie

  4. Kelly....
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things you learned about blogging. I enjoyed keeping up with your adventuresome life. Now get to blogging, Girl!

  5. Those pics are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them!

  6. Thanks guys! You all are such an encouragement!

  7. Great Pics! love your blog and the fact you don't snore. :)) can't wait to have more blog dates!!

  8. I love your pictures! I didn't really do any of that so I'm glad you did. I'll just be stealing from you, thankyouverymuch! :) By the way, I love the title of your blog. Soooo creative!

  9. Hey, look at you making Internet friends! It looked like a very fun time.

  10. Kelly you have such great photos! I love it! Thanks for linking to me!

  11. I so wish we would have had more time to talk at AWBU, but hey we still have WWF like you said. Wonderful pictures - I especially love the random wildflower!


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