Friday, March 16, 2012

Clean[er] Eating - Week 2

John: "Why do I have so much energy?!?!!"
Me: (half-asleep) "Mmmmfffrpmm..."
John: "This is amazing! I'm not even a little bit tired!!!"
Me: .....
John: "I'm gonna read Hunger Games for a while, because I AM NOT TIRED!!!"
Me: "MmmmmrrrrrKatniss...."

it was once my book to read....


This has been a pretty typical scene at the Peterson household lately. Two months ago, we were both in bed and asleep by 9:30 (don't judge), exhausted from work and life and general lack of energy. Now, John comes home smiling and energetic and joyful and talkative and ohmygoodness it's awesome.

Why do I mention this? Because the only change we've made is eating cleaner. We haven't been taking new super-expensive vitamins or getting up at 5am to strike some awesome yoga poses or downing protein shakes every two hours. We've just been eating cleaner, and John specifically has been eating gluten-free. 

So what do we eat? Well, because we're participating in Rice & Beans month (learn more about it here) we eat a lot of....rice and beans (both are gluten-free). We also eat a lot of veggies and fruits. For example:

Sunday: Pinto beans and rice with tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, garlic, basil, and oregano
Monday: Baked sweet potatoes with garlicky lentils and a side of brown rice and broccoli
Tuesday: Corn tortilla tacos with refried pinto beans and Spanish rice
Wednesday: Sweet potato chili w/ kidney and pinto beans
Thursday: (community group night) Chili dogs w/ gluten free hot dog buns
Friday:  a stop at Chick-fil-a (they have GF salads, and their waffle fries are GF!)
Saturday: whatever's leftover from the week....

(By the way, most of these recipes were vastly improved by the addition of cheese. Ya just can't tell a guy raised in Wisconsin that he can't have cheese...)

In addition to Pinterest and Google, I'm also taking advantage of the recipes you all have sent me, as well as the recipes posted by some of my favorite bloggers! My sister sent me an Indian cauliflower curry recipe that I'm planning to try out next week, and my dear friend Jen sent me a bean soup recipe that is going to be GREAT for the stormy weather coming up next week. And, of course, my friend Heidi over at The Busy Nothings has TONS of resources for gluten-free eating. 

Next week, a post about sprouting your own lentils, attempting GF bread, and what John thinks of The Hunger Games....


  1. That's what we need around this house. Less meat, more beans and rice and vegetables!

  2. I keep meaning to do more research on what's involved with "clean" eating. Your post makes me want to do it even more. More energy? Yes, please! This household is definitely in need of more energy and a general feeling of well being. Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks for the shout out! I can't wait to learn from YOU now and see how making gf bread turns out for you! I just buy the pre-sliced stuff because I butcher bread when I try to slice it myself. ;)) and sprouted lentils? Ummm you may have just become my new favorite blog. no kidding. We should collaborate sometime and swap posts or something fun. Dunno. Healthy living is always a fun thing to learn more about!


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