Monday, July 19, 2010

Photography Weekend Extravaganza

John and I have decided we are photographers "in the making." This stems from two facts:
  1. John and I both have an innate interest in photography.
  2. The iPhone 4's camera takes insanely clear pictures.
Here are some of the shots we took this weekend with the iPhone 4's camera. The first set of images are at
the Fayettevillle Farmers' Market on Saturday, around 10am. That event is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I bought Japanese eggplant, fresh cuttings of basil, cherry tomatoes, and a rosemary plant I'm delighted to have sitting in my living room window.

Second Set - the Starbucks on the corner of Joyce and College. We went on Saturday afternoon and stayed for over an hour drinking frappuccinos, reading, and people watching.

Finally, Sunday morning we saw an incredible juxtaposition on the way to church at Reunion. Two blue Volkswagen beetles were sitting alone in the same parking lot. One was a current model, the other was a retro 1970s version.

That's all for now. More to come soon.


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  1. That's just insane! We use to have an old blue bug, just like that one. You haven't lived until you take a friend driving on country roads during the fall. It's a must.


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