Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Weekend

This past weekend was a photo adventure for the Petersons. We went to Eureka Springs, where we'd been earlier this year scouting for wedding venues. While we didn't find anything that would accommodate our 100+ guest list, we did really enjoy strolling up and down the streets, wandering in shops and talking to all the tourists and shop owners. We especially enjoyed the view...

So this weekend we went back (but John didn't know...it was all a surprise!). Our first stop was Pivot Rock, which is on the "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" index of super-cool places. It's a little unusual though...apparently an older couple owns the land, so you have to go in through their "store" and pay $4.50 a person to walk the trail down to the rock. It's a short walk, though, and it's quite pretty.

John found Pivot Rock.

After a very delightful night's rest at The Lookout Lodge, we awoke bright and early for our next adventure:

Horseback riding!!!

John. On a horse.

Unbeknownst to John, I had reserved the "Cowboy Breakfast Ride" at the Dinner Bell Ranch and Resort right outside of Eureka Springs. We arrived at 8:20 and, with another set of riders from Kansas City, we rode up into the mountains and ate a cowboy breakfast: a Dutch oven layering of eggs, potatoes, cheese, and sausage with homemade biscuits and watermelon! It was my very first horseback riding experience. Ever. (well, that I can remember. Supposedly I my cousin's family had two horses...He-Man and She-Ra...that I got a chance to ride when I was little.)

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  1. John looks good on a horse, but where's Kelly's adventure pictures on a horse?


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