Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 - The Pictures

So here is the Christmas album for 2010, my very first Christmas as Mrs. Kelly Peterson! 

Christmas in Mena - December 23rd-24th
We began the journey to Mena (where John's family lives) with a stop at Starbucks in Fort Smith. It was the location of our very first date last November...I had a skinny latte, John had a caramel frappuccino.  Love bloomed.

The Mena Christmas tree, covered in handmade ornaments for each year.

Hanging out after opening gifts. Mrs. Peterson played the piano for us, and we sang to Mr. Bishop, whose birthday is also on Christmas!

This year's ornament :)

2007's ornament - John in front of the Taj Mahal!

Mrs. Peterson made these tea cup and cupcake pin cushions. I thought they were really cute. I got to take two home!

John and David invited their friend Joseph over to play Halo. Mrs. Peterson, Catherine (David's girlfriend) and I all watched them go at it.

Our gifts from the Mena family. The purple jar in the front is lingonberry jam from Catherine's family. It's delicious!

 Christmas in Fayetteville - the morning of December 25th 
Our Christmas breakfast (this was John's plate). Sausage, grapefruit from Mena, cinnamon rolls, and scrambled eggs made the Julia Child way (I had just finished that chapter in My Life in France). 

John and I both tweeted/facebooked our gifts and Christmas morning thoughts

My gift to John - the collector's edition of Lost. He was saddened when it was removed from Netflix instant streaming, so now we can watch whenever we want (I'm getting into the series as well).

Two of my gifts from John - an awesome book about writing, and an authentic Bento box. I love Bento!!!

John lovingly put together the Wii he got me for Christmas. I love it!

 Christmas in Fayetteville - the afternoon of December 25th
One of two handmade scarves that I gifted this year. The other went to John's aunt Gayle in Detroit. My dad looks quite handsome in this one :)

Christmas #2 in Mountainburg with my side of the family.

Playing White Elephant with my family. I ended up with Love Potion from Aunt Brenda. 

These are the books we got for Christmas. No joke. 

I went to the after-Christmas yarn sale at Joann's. Fantastic start to next year's presents!

By the way, this was the first scarf I made. It went to John shortly after Thanksgiving. Doesn't he look handsome? I think so. 


  1. not going to lie. kinda envious of your stack of books you scored over christmas.... course... you took the picture backwards.... we can't see the titles ;) hehe


  2. Checking out your blog is like walking by your apt., tapping on the door, and just visiting for a few minutes. Much better than FB. Dad so loved his scarf and he got lots of compliments. It would be kinda cool if we had matching scarves...hint. Your pictures were so precious. You have a warm and cozy blog! Til I stop by next time....

  3. I'm a little (not a little) jealous of the books and yarn sales! It looks like y'all had a wonderful time, and I'm glad you were able to hit all the families for your first married Christmas!


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