Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Miscellany - July 18th

Iced coffee. I've heard approximately 4,193 people mention iced coffee this week, either on Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Good Morning America, and/or random conversations with strangers (as opposed to planned conversations with strangers, known as "solicitation" or "stalking" and slightly frowned upon). Even McDonald's is offering a version of the drink alongside their lattes and mochas and chicken nuggets and whatnot. Last year, I do not remember this phenomenon. This year, everyone drinks it and touts the delicious, chilled beauty of the concoction. 
Even the awesome Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond herself shows up as Google's third option when one searches for "iced coffee." However, I am somewhat daunted by the act of making this chilled version as opposed to my regular morning brew. For example, the Pioneer Woman's process for the "Perfect Iced Coffee" involves somewhere near 28 steps and two days of preparation. You see, my morning coffee has three steps: pour water into coffee maker; measure coffee into coffee maker; push "delay" so it will make coffee the next morning. That's it. When I wake up, I can pour a hot cup of hazelnut breakfast blend into my favorite blue mug, add some raw sugar, a dash of almond milk, and start my day. 

There are two main things I don't like about iced coffee: 

  1. it's cold. After waiting 16 years of my life before I was even allowed to drink coffee ("you won't like it, it's for adults..."), I drank it for the next 12 years of my life hot. Like, deliciously steaming and hot. It's like giving a person a bowl of hot ice cream and saying it's the new craze - it just doesn't compute. 
  2. no foam. One of my favorite parts about drinking coffee (especially lattes), is the first sip of hot foam at the top of the mug. It's delightful and, if done correctly, tastes exactly like a warm hug on your tongue....which sounded better in my head than it does written out, but I'm keeping it nonetheless. 
Side note: I like frappuccinos. Why? Because I think of them as ice cream, not coffee. And ice cream should be cold, so it all makes sense. 


I tried to sew this week. 
It did not go well, leading me to wonder if I'll ever be one of those "Look at the wedding dress I just made over the weekend!" kind of seamstresses. I can't even thread a bobbin (wait, do you thread it, or spool it? I have no idea). I wanted to make a clutch, a simple, small purse clutch with ruched sides. I purchased a nice pattern from a local fabric store, selected the fabric I wanted, and set out all my supplies. John was gone on a business trip to Chicago, so I had an entire evening to myself. I turned on Netflix, selected the 1996 version of Jane Eyre, and went to work. 


After 3 hours of cutting, pinning, ironing, and sewing, I ended up finishing out the bobbin 2/3rd's of the way into the project, thwarting my chances of completing the purse by dawn. I had no idea how to change/respool/fix/burn the bobbin, and no real desire to spend 30 minutes on YouTube trying to find someone who taped themselves doing it 20x faster than the human eye can see. So I called it quits and went to bed. That was it. No defiant call the next morning to "conquer this challenge!" or "finished what I started!" or "clean up after myself!"

Oh, nay. I made some coffee (hot, steaming, hazelnut breakfast blend coffee with almond milk) and read blogs on Google Reader. And made an account on Audible. Oh, and I think I did a load of laundry, too.


  1. Firstly (bwahaha), great post, as always. Love your writing.

    Secondly, I don't intend to convert you, but I have pressing iced coffee thoughts to share. (My non-need to convert comes from my ire at those who attempt to politically or religiously convert me. I know where I stand. We can square off at the polls, and may the best man win. Ahem. That's a rant for another post.)

    So, I too scoured the interweb for the perfect iced coffee recipe recently, and came upon Ree's instruction manual. As I am prone to do (see disclaimers), I immediately wondered aloud to myself "How can I do that faster and more lazily?" I present to you my method, mostly because I needed the platform, apparently:

    1. Own French press. 2. Dump in copious amount of coffee. 3. Add water. 4. Place in fridge overnight.

    That's it. Lo and behold, I am now back to my super snappy presto chango morning coffee routine. I just add my sweetener and milk, press and pour. Delightful.

    Apologies for the tirade. I got a little excited.

    Heart you!

  2. I love iced coffee too! One of my friends suggested I "cold brew" my coffee and since I don't own a french press, I decided to try it out! I add 2 cups cold water with 2/3 cups ground coffee. I let it sit, AKA "brew" over night and then pour the mixture into my cheap coffee maker with a filter. I don't turn it on, it filters out the grounds then my coffee pot is filled with delicious cold coffee. It's brewed very strong so I add about a 1:1 ratio of coffee to cold water, flavor normally then add ice.
    :)) I love warm coffee too! Some days I'm just to hot for anything warm to drink! :))

  3. You are so humorous in your writing. It just appears to come naturally. When you talk of ice coffee, I think of Grandma Stacy and how she use to pour a cup of "Java" into an actually coffee 'cup' not mug, place it in a saucer, add a tablespoon of milk, then add 2 cubes of ice from ice trays -- no ice makers back then.

    As for your bobbin concerns, it is actually referred to as winding a bobbin. You might be happy to know that you can purchase a bobbin winder at Wal-mart for about $25. It is so easy to work, a child could to it. How do I know? I bought one.

  4. Beth -
    Thanks to your simple method (I currently have a wonderful father who would gladly "loan" me his French press), I will be trying this method soon. If it's really that simple, I will be forever astounded at your wisdom. For-ev-er.

  5. I'm not a huge fan of iced coffee (although I do from time to time get Starbucks iced coffee with milk and vanilla) but I do LOVE iced chai lattes. They have to be done right thought; I don't like them at places that use the liquid chai.

  6. You're on Google+?! Find me!! thekrumms(at)gmail(dot)com :)


  7. Don't give up on sewing! It's hard at first but you'll figure it out. Your sewing machine's manual will be your best friend unless you're like me and your manual was only in Spanish {thankfully I found one on the internet}.

    & I used to be like you and only drink hot coffee drinks until I finally tried an iced soy latte earlier this Summer and it's all I order at Arsaga's now. :) I still like my hot coffee with soy milk at home though.



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