Thursday, July 14, 2011


Sometimes there are those weekends that you know will be awesome. For us, they're typically unplanned and involve at least one trip to Mama Carmen's or Starbucks . This weekend, it also involved the Fayetteville Farmers' Market.

The Fayetteville Farmers' Market is one of the most popular events in NWA. People from all over the area come up to the Fayetteville Square to buy fresh produce, eggs, meat (or order it at least), and fruit while sipping on some Jammin' Java coffee and snacking on scones, cookies, or breakfast sandwiches from Arsaga's (both of which set up stands on the Square with their goodies). It's almost as much fun to "people watch" as it is to see each vendor's offerings; bands gathering crowds along the corners of the street, people walking their dogs, riding their bicycles, and holding their children while vendors sell their wares. It's an experience that everyone should have an opportunity to be a part of at some point. 

We started off with breakfast at The Little Bread Company, a bakery that is always busy. In fact, today the line was almost out the door, and John and I ate outside (partly because there were no available seats inside, partly because it was a nice morning). They are famous for their enormous cinnamon rolls, quiches, danishes, and cookies, all of which will easily throw off your calorie tracking for a full week (but you don't really care. It's kind of amazing). I selected the olive, tomato, and feta quiche. John had the ham, cheese, and egg sandwich with a side of breakfast potatoes. Yum. 

On to the market, where produce was in abundance. Cucumbers were at nearly every booth, as were cherry tomatoes and fingerling potatoes. 

I bought some cucumbers.

This was the only red cabbage at the market. 

The band, Farmer and the Markets. Clever. 

John sat and listened to the band while I went around a second time to check out the booths. They apparently played a Sufjan Stevens song he liked, so he downloaded it while he waited.  

Another set of musicians, stationed at the corner of the Square. 

It was a great day.

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  1. Looks like one would have to make a zillion decisions on what to purchase! Yikes! Oh, and I love your cute top! Looks fantastical on you!


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