Friday, January 14, 2011


Update on "developing community" in my life. So far:

  • John and I are in a community group that meets once a week for dinner and prayer;
  • I'm in a women's group that meets one morning a week for a study on Esther;
  • John and I are taking a night course called "Perspectives: A Christian World Movement" (with textbooks and everything!);
  • I've signed up for a free fitness class that does weekday yoga/cardio classes and weekend walking/running (though I haven't worked up the nerve go go yet);
  • I'll be tutoring a few days a week and doing AP consulting a few weekends here and there; 
  • John and I also signed up for a church class called "Discovery" that meets on Sundays with a great local family;
  • I've updated my Twitter "following" list to include tons of local community outreach projects and event coordinators;
  • We're going tonight to a "UA International Student Friendship" program that connects international students with local families - not as hosts, but as people who will take them out occasionally for an "American" experience. Like Big Brother for college students. 
So that's what I came up with this week. 


On a totally random note, here are some other things I did this week:

This is my organized "crafting" corner.

See? Doesn't it look organized?

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