Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day 1,2,3

So, it's been three days since the storm hit. We got about 4" of snow, but the big problem has been the sheets of ice underneath, and the consistent subfreezing temperatures (it was down to -7 last night). So even though it's been sunny, the roads are still frozen and the snow is still piled up around cars, buildings, and side streets. Here's what it looks like in Fayetteville:

This is the hill up to our apartment complex. The white part is the road...
A picture out of the passenger-side window, looking toward our apartment complex. 
Joyce Blvd. 
The expressway out of Fayetteville and toward I-540, taken around noon today.

It seems like everyone is stuck at home. I've been reading my Twitter feeds a lot lately, and tons of people are updating about their movie marathons, baking adventures, and other exasperated attempts to pass the time until the roads are clear. One person tweeted "eating leftovers is getting old. Commence cabin fever." And I just saw that Fayetteville Schools will be closed tomorrow, which means all the events I normally have set for Friday are cancelled as well. Dang it.

So what have I been doing to pass the time? Well, I have been trying out new things in the kitchen. I made Rotel sausage dip for John on Tuesday, since I found out over the holidays that it's one of his favorite snacks (very simple: 1 lb. cooked, drained, and chopped sausage mixed with 1 pkg. cream cheese and 1 can of Rotel). Tuesday night I made garlic chicken with cherry tomatoes and green beans. Very tasty. Wednesday I actually attempted a quiche!!! See...

For a first attempt it was quite tasty, and there was enough left over for breakfast this morning. Yum! I always thought it would be harder to make them, but it was super easy. I got the recipe from the Incredible Edible Egg website, and tweaked considerably for health reasons (used 3 eggs and 4 egg whites, lowfat mozzarella cheese, and 1/2 cup 2% milk + 1/2 cup water). For the filling I used spinach and shredded zucchini. 

As far as crafting goes, I was pretty lazy about it the first day, but last night I was hit with the desire to cut and sew, so I made this little guy:

I also started cutting out fabric for the black apple doll I wrote about earlier (the pattern is here, on Martha Stewart's website), and I hope I can finish that this week. 

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to head back to the kitchen and make some chocolate chip cookies for class tonight (Perspectives at Fayetteville). I hope everyone makes it there safely and we have a great class. It's week two...only 12 more to go!

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  1. I'd wondered how y'all were doing! I'm glad you're safe, warm, and entertained. You're like a quiche monster these days. Hope you can tough out the hibernation for just a little bit longer!


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