Wednesday, February 9, 2011

There's SNOW way it could get any whiter outside....

Snow Day #471

Okay, not really. But here's how it progressed:

John got up at 5:50am and started to get ready for work. He then remembered the weather forecast, looked outside, and saw this...
 Snow day!

So we proceeded to drink coffee in bed while reading the Bible, talking, and checking Twitter and Facebook for interesting snow-related commentary. Then we took more pictures of the snow.

For breakfast, we decided to break out the professional-grade waffle iron we received as a wedding present and make chocolate-chip waffles. They were spectacular. John and I were giddy.


Okay, to me, these poor cars look like little lost buffalo caught in a snowstorm. See their ears?

 The weather forecasters were having a very exciting time. How did they get into work this morning? Are their spouses upset that they can't stay home and have snowball fights with the kids? I wonder about these things.

Yeah...we're not going anywhere today.

John cleared a path down the landing of our apartments. He's a hard worker like that.

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