Friday, March 25, 2011

30 Days of Lists - Day 25

Today's list was supposed to be entitled "Things I'd Rather Be Doing," but since that takes on a somewhat negative tone, I'd like to modify it to "Things I Get to Do." Here we go...

  • I get to go to dinner tonight with an awesome couple who make their own yogurt, grill bratwursts, and host community group in their home at least twice a month. Plus, they both teach full-time at different schools. They're kind of awesome. 
  • I get to visit my in-laws this weekend in Mena, which means a 2.5 hour road trip with my husband. We're going to listen to Matt Chandler's series on Habakkuk, which we have both been waiting patiently on (we agreed not to listen to any of the series until he was finished). 
  • I get to write, and have it published in the newspaper. Like, as a job.
  • I get to make my husband homemade trail mix because I love him and care about his health. This week's recipe includes Cascadian Farms granola and dried blueberries.
  • I get to ride my bicycle. 
  • I get to experience a shooting range (this weekend, under supervised conditions, because I'm a Southern girl and that's what we do). 
  • I get to collect craft ideas with the hope of someday actually "crafting," and in fact "crafting" so well that I no longer have to buy Christmas or birthday gifts but can simply give my crafts away as presents to those I adore most. 
  • I get to look at pictures of the cutest newborn baby in the world, Evelyn June. 
  • I get to pull my hair to the side because it's long enough to actually work and I think it looks really retro.
  • I get to stream movies and tv shows live because my husband and I decided Netflix was a good investment. 
  • I get to buy fresh vegetables and flowers and fruit at the Fayetteville Farmers' Market (in 8 days!!!)

Retro hairstyle. And retro sunglasses.

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