Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Days of Lists - Day Sixteen

Places to See in Your Town:

  • The Farmers' Market - opens April 2, and I am so excited! Local gardeners, vendors, and craftspeople sell their work while local musicians play music for everyone to enjoy. 

  • Lake Fayetteville - trails for walking, and biking, as well as space for picnics, baseball, and fishing.

  • Dickson Street Bookshop - one of the best and oldest bookstores in the area. 

  • The Little Bread Company - a small, eccentric bakery with fresh, handmade pastries, quiches, desserts, sandwiches, and cookies. Always packed, but worth the wait. I'm going for lunch tomorrow!

  • Mount Sequoyah - amazing view of the city and surrounding mountains.

  • Pinnacle Station - a gas station that serves gourmet gelato, pizza, and fresh deli items, as well as a substantial stock of organic produce and pantry items. Oh, and they sell gas. 

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