Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Days of Lists - Day 30

Today was a crazy, crazy day, and thus perfect for the list topic: To-Do List

1. Do laundry.(check)  I ended up doing four loads, including the bed sheets, comforter, John's dress shirts, and some towels. I folded the laundry while watching 18 Kids and Counting on Netflix streaming. It made me feel productive to watch the Duggars (all 18) running around the house whilst I was busy keeping my own home tidy. This fact becomes even more relevant to list item #6. 

2. Go to workout class. (check) Today was a mixture of cardio, kick-boxing, and crunches. 

3. Find birthday card for Grandpa Jim. (check) It's a cute one with birds and a mailbox with cards inside. 

4. Email John about mom's computer. (check) He's watching out for her and making sure she gets enough RAM in her new computer. I have no idea what that means, but I conveyed the information.

5. Send off our taxes. (nope) The tax guy has yet to confirm that the forms are correct and complete. Hopefully tomorrow (fingers crossed...)

6. Go to Walmart. (check) I went to get John some tennis shoes and to look at purses for the summer. While wandering through the aisles, I was blocked off by two ladies in denim skirts talking at the aisle cap.....MRS. DUGGAR AND A DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!! NOT TWO HOURS PRIOR, I WAS WATCHING HER CLEAN THE KITCHEN ON 18 Kids and Counting!!!! Is there a hole torn somewhere in the universe? Have I broken through to the fourth dimension? Is she judging me for wearing jeans? None of these questions have been answered...

After all that excitement, I almost forgot what I went into Walmart for, but I recovered and made some sensible purchases (Mrs. Duggar would have been pleased). I came home, finished folding laundry, and updated facebook with my amazing adventure. I think tonight I'm going to watch Atonement and Penelope just to see if James McAvoy shows up at Starbucks tomorrow. Fingers crossed....


  1. Oh man, the lists are over! I've really enjoyed them. Some closing thoughts:
    -I really liked that time you said Evelyn was the cutest baby and linked to my blog. Good taste.
    -I also liked that you were doing an article.
    -Your lists are pretty.
    -If you do not take a cell phone picture of Mr. McAvoy tomorrow, I will never forgive you.

  2. A Prayer for a Little Home

    God send us a little home,
    To come back to, when we roam.

    Low walls and fluted tiles,
    Wide windows, a view for miles.

    Red firelight and deep chairs,
    Small white beds upstairs--

    Great talk in little nooks,
    Dim colors, rows of books.

    One picture on each wall,
    Not many things at all.

    God send us a little ground,
    Tall trees stand round.

    Homely flowers in brown sod,
    Overhead, thy stars, O God.

    God bless thee, when winds blow,
    Our home, and all we know.

    (Florence Bone)

  3. OH Girl - I found you on the twitter stream of TGC11 and it is SO hard to find reformed bloggers - or maybe you have found them and I'm still looking lol!!! Anyhow! I love your site - love the Duggars - love your lists! Great to meet you!

    You can visit me at

    Keep walking with the King! And enjoy the conference - I wish I was there - but alas I am homeschooling today :-)!!! lol!


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